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  1. reichberger

    reichberger Member

    I previously had a Samsung Captivate (AT&T) and FoxFi worked great on it. I have since went to an HTC Incredible 4g LTE (Verizon) that I cannot get FoxFi to work on.
    Has anyone had any experience with this issue?


  2. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    foxfi with the proxy addon is the only option that is proven to work. this means you'll be limited on how devices can connect and what network access options you'll have on them.
  3. canrunin

    canrunin Well-Known Member

    i have givin up trying to get it to work. tryed for weeks and no good. it shows the hot spot on my tablet but it never lets me connect to it. got to be something verizon has done to block it. thats all i can figure out. it sucks.
  4. frankford

    frankford New Member

    Having similar problems with HTC phone, verizon and FOXFI. Tried to used Bluetooth connection as app suggested. Paired phone, and can use phone through the computer to make calls and listen to audio, but cannot connect to the internet. I get the following error message "The driver for the bluetooth periphal device is not installed." I assume that has something to do with FOXFI since all the other bluetooth functions work. Suggestions?
  5. abedauhajre

    abedauhajre Member

    I downloaded the new version of foxfi on my samsung galaxy siii but when it starts it also forces the wifi hotspot services from TMobile and when I open a page on my pc it opnes tmobile hotspot services page.

    Is there a way to get rid of tmobile hotspot app
  6. sully5981

    sully5981 Well-Known Member

    So far it works fine for me using my inc4g and my Asus transformer. I have to use the proxy but I can surf the web, download apps from the play store, and send/receive emails. This is how it is set up

  7. sully5981

    sully5981 Well-Known Member

    Only downfall is, I cannot stream netflix.
  8. abedauhajre

    abedauhajre Member


    My problem is that when I start foxfi, t-mobile's hot spot services start up and when I open any page on the computer it opnees the page from tmobile asking to subscribe for the hotspot service.
  9. sully5981

    sully5981 Well-Known Member

    My reply was kinda directed at the OP or possibly others that have Verizon since this is the inc4g section and I think Verizon is the only one that carries that phone. T-Mobile is a whole other situation. I can't help you there.

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