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FPse and FFVII best settingsTips

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  1. noob saibot

    noob saibot Member

    Good News!!! after long nights of tinkering and toying with the FPse I have finally found the best settings to run FFVII on samsung admire. Here's a list of things you'll need and evrything I have:D

    Bios File scph1001.bin
    Mdec Acceleration On
    Gte Acceleration On
    FastBoot On( Only if you dont wanna watch actually playstation boot animation)
    Spu Sync Off
    Framelimiter On
    Frameskip Off
    Screen Size Original (optional)
    Print FPS On (Optional)

    While playing with these settings the FPS was 50-60ish when walking around.The fight scene animation was applausable, yes there was the infamous swirl and the FPS would dip around the 40-50 range.Oddly enough with the Spu Sync off the music was somewhat still decent with the occasional miscues. However these settings did not change the after battle cutscenes and how the music would slowdown. The FPS would drop yet again, Im stumped to how this can be easily fixed maybe theres no method other than actually playing the game on playstation but these settings would give you the best possibility of not having to do that.

  2. noob saibot

    noob saibot Member

    Ive arrived with more good news about the way FFVII operates on FPse. Upon the mentioned stats above there was an issue I arrived to currently today while playing FFVII. Tifa's ultimate move Beat Rush would crash the game when I used it against the sewer monster after confronting Don Corneo. It got me thinking that there has to be a better way to fix this, there is.

    Note: You may have to switch the FPse V0.10.57 to V0..11.26

    Force Mono Core On
    Null Sound Plug-in On
    Framelimiter On
    Frameskip Off

    With these settings I noticed a very different feel when looking at Cloud walk around on the screen. When it was time for battle there was no lag or slowed movement in the screen and how it rotates to show whats on the battlefield. However, without the sound you cant hear how the music slows down after winning a battle which is another improvement in my books. I am still testing these new settings and will update if I find anymore glitches along my journey:)
  3. jedibbq

    jedibbq New Member

    pretty cool stuff. I play ff7 using fpse on my Gtablet running ICS from Team DRH. I use Snesoid and Nesoid on my Samsung Vitality(admire). there is some slowdown on snes roms at times..I didn't consider psx roms to run at all. good to know. thanks!
  4. noob saibot

    noob saibot Member

    Its a pretty good little app the FPse, but there are some issues. I dont know if its the admire or the FPse but the emulator has a problem with Tifa's limit beat rush. It worked for like 3 seconds with framelimiter off and frameskip off but then it crashed. Im thinking maybe the FPse needs a stronger phone or an update. Although it works on lesser enemies it crashes during big fights I guess. So the app may be a little buggy. I could never get psx4droid to work it force closes immediately when loading .bin/.cue files.
  5. noob saibot

    noob saibot Member

    After a couple days of tinkering I finally solved the Tifa Limit crash problem.

    Here's what you'll need to run at the settings Im using

    Mdec Accel On
    Gte Accel On
    Fast boot On
    No Sound Off
    Spu Sync Off
    Framelimiter On
    Frameskip 45fps
    frameskip fix Off

    I was surprised when I used Tifa Limit and it didnt freeze or crash during the fight with APS.
    I also ran into a problem with the world map and a dark screen issue but when i had frameskip fix on that was the problem, I toggled it off and viola no more world map dark screen. The only problem is no finger pointer during battles but if you use the select button you can still see which enemies and allies your highlighting during battles...enjoy
  6. Peiko

    Peiko Active Member

    Will this settings work with most psx games?
  7. omluff

    omluff Member

    i have problem with fpse cloud just walk he didn't run when i move??? why??

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