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Fpse and the x buttonGeneral

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  1. dreamkreationz

    dreamkreationz Active Member

    I got the latest fpse on the xperia play. Does anyone know how to get the x button to work? I went into settings and got all other buttons to work.

  2. dreamkreationz

    dreamkreationz Active Member

    Never mind I got it to work, now the question is how do I get the buttons to save so I don't have to put them in every time I start a game?
  3. MartinSWE

    MartinSWE Member

    system -> Default config save
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  4. dreamkreationz

    dreamkreationz Active Member

    Thank ya for that, do I need to copy the Bios to the save slot and the load slot to be able to save games? Cause when I go to save it asks for the Bios. Or do I need to put multiple Bios everywhere...

    One to start the game, one to save a game, one to load a game?
  5. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

    just one bios, it does all
  6. Spiderine

    Spiderine Member

    Hi how did you manage to save the x button and o. I can't assign them to my xperia play. O always just ends up going back and x just reclicks.

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