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  1. Lannabulls

    Lannabulls Member

    Asus transformer TF300 TG
    Jelly Bean 4.1.1

    Just installed the emulator, "FPse for android", it works fine. Install it to play some with my game pad for PS3, also my ps3 pad works great with usb and blethooth connection as well.
    Cuase i have the gamepad i dont need the controls that appears on screen, how can i make them disapear?
    I try to find info in internet they say to go in "setting>gamepad overlay>selec/deselect buttons". I desesect all commands however they still there. May i found wrong info, can you tell me please which setting allow me to make on screen controils disapear?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Rhone

    Rhone Well-Known Member

    The setting you're looking for is Overlay gamepad -> Gamepad skin -> Disabled.
  3. Lannabulls

    Lannabulls Member

    Thank s a lot Rhone?
    One more question, a silly one sorry no expereince!!!!! When i save game, saved files where they are stored?
    I played with PS1 Games. Crash Bandicoot, i save the game, where are the save files?
    There is a setting that allow me to move saved file where i want, let say to my external sd card?
  4. Rhone

    Rhone Well-Known Member

    Save files should be in the same directory you loaded the rom from.
  5. Lannabulls

    Lannabulls Member

    So my rom, ".bin" files are stored on my external sd card, game saved file must be there too, thanks.

    About hide on screen controlls, in menu setting i went to "Overlay gamepad -> Gamepad skin" i click "Disabled". It dont work, controls are still there. I clik "disabled" then i went in "setting>misc" and click "save config as default" it dont work, controls are still on screen, i made them really transparent by the transparency setting however i can not make them disapear, what i'm doing wrong? For sure i do something wrong!
    Some suggestions please?
    Thanks a lot!!!!!!

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