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  1. dbyrne

    dbyrne New Member

    I have written a fractal explorer called Fractoid. It is available on the market for phones running Android 2.0.1 or higher.

    I've released the source code under the GPLv3 license, and its available on GitHub: dbyrne's Fractoid at master - GitHub

    If you want to see some fractals I generated with my droid, check out my picasa album: Picasa Web Albums - David - Fractoid

    Fractoid features: pinch to zoom UI, 10 different equations, Escape-time and various orbit trap coloring algorithms, Mandelbrot and Julia type fractals

    Let me know what you think! I'd love to get some feedback on what should be added, changed, or removed. This project is still under very active development, so developers or fractal mathematicians who want to contribute are more than welcome.

  2. hood420

    hood420 Well-Known Member

    Neat program. I don't understand much about fractals so I can't help you out there. But do you think allowing for 3-dimensional fractals would be possible? I only recently heard of true 3d fractals, but they look cool.
  3. dbyrne

    dbyrne New Member

    This is definitely a possibility. The main concern would be computation time. 3d fractals would take significantly more processing power. Also it would be a challenge to create a responsive and intuitive UI for 3d fractals.

    Maybe this should be an entirely different app. I am interested by the idea though.
  4. TheSultan

    TheSultan Well-Known Member

    hey, i'm a big fan of fractals and would love to create some of my own for backgrounds. how do i load this on to my Eris? I'd be happy to be a guinea pig for you.
  5. dbyrne

    dbyrne New Member

    The Eris is getting an update to 2.1 soon I believe. When this happens, you should have no problem running Fractoid. The app definitely won't work on anything older than 2.0 because of the lack for multi-touch support.
  6. rubyj29

    rubyj29 New Member

    I love this program! It works great on my smart phone, saving images, making wallpaper, and posting to Facebook.

    It's even more beautiful on my Kindle Fire. But if it's saving images on the Kindle, I can't find them, the Kindle won't post to Facebook, and when I email an image to myself (I use g-mail) I get inconsistent results. On the first one I tried, g-mail downloaded it to my harddrive but Windows just recognizes it as "file" and doesn't know what program to use to open it, and Photoshop Elements doesn't recognize it. I went back later to that e-mail, and G-mail displayed a thumbnail, and when I clicked on it g-mail opened it and gave me a choice to save it as png or bmp. So I generated two more on the Kindle Fire last night, but this morning I only get the option to download them, and they're simply "file" and I can't open them.

    So I thought I'd let you know I'm having trouble with the Kindle Fire, and if you know a free program I could use to view the files, I'd appreciate the info. Even if I can just save the images on the phone it's a great program! I'm a casual user - I don't understand the math - but it's fantastic to have all this beauty literally at my fingertips!
  7. thompsjm

    thompsjm New Member


    Fractoid sounds like a great program. I have been using fractint for years, so was looking forward to seeing something like this for the mobile world.

    However, I'm using the blackberry playbook, which only takes converted Android apps, and I'm too new to this to try sideloading the Android app. Do you see porting this to the BlackBerry App World at any point?


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