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framework-res Icon Packs

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  1. X10iUser

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    Oct 10, 2010
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    Posted this on XDA and thought I would post it here too. There are icons from various different sources so some may need renaming or resizing for your device. You can use THIS to learn how to pull your framework-res and change the status bar, but it's the same principle for changing other OS icons which for my X10 are found in drawable-240dpi.

    Once you've pulled and browsed your framework-res it will become apparent which icons go where.

    !!BACK UP YOUR PHONE!! As pushing a faulty framework-res to your phone may result in having to reflash your phone.

    Happy modding. :)

    Pack 1


    Download Link 1
    Download Link 2

    Pack 2


    Download Link 1
    Download Link 2
    Download Link 3


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