Franco Kernal, under volting and per app mode clarity issues... help!

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  1. DerpyDude

    DerpyDude New Member

    Hey wonderful people of this forum (hopefully :p) I would like a burning question of mine answered. (Now this sounds intimidating)...

    Anyway I have an issue with the per app modes and under volting in Franco kernel (as you have probably found out in the title of this)

    Some background information you ask? Well I have undervolted from 775mv to 700mv globally and underclocked from 2265mhz to 1190mhz (max frequency) and left the min frequency to 300mhz.

    In per app modes I made all my games overclock to 2265mhz respectively, but the thing I'm not sure about is if the voltage scales or stays at 700mv. If not then is independently overvolting 2265mhz to 1050mv a viable option?

    Any solutions and clarifications are welcome. I'm probably just being pedantic and derpy. Rather be safe than sorry.

  2. DerpyDude

    DerpyDude New Member

    Nevermind then. Thank you for abundance in help (no sarcasm intended of course...). It seems stable enough even with the under volt at 2265mhz.
  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    If your undervolt is too aggressive you'll know right away, as you'll get reboots.

    Glad you got it figured out though :D
  4. DerpyDude

    DerpyDude New Member

    That's nice to know. Thanks c:

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