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  1. esite

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    Hello, we've just published a new game "15 Photo Puzzle" - a classical puzzle game with 15 gems which can be covered by any picture or photo from your tablet or mobile phone.
    Any feedback and improvement ideas are more than welcome.
    Enjoy [​IMG]

    Google Play link:

  2. esite

    esite New Member

    a few days ago we've published a game which is a clone of the famous magic screen.

    By shaking the phone/tablet you clean the screen, by rotating the knobs you express your drawing ideas.By rotating a knob, you draw perfect lines. Use two fingers to twist both knobs at the same time to sketch something original. Try your skills and draw a circle! Your drawings are automatically backed-up.
    Did you draw something interesting? Save it! Want to show it to your friends? Share it!

    Advantages over the classic toy:
    - you can save your drawings
    - you can share your drawings
    - you can have it always with you
    - you can change the game borders color
    - the powder never spills
    - no permanent artifacts on the old glass

    If you have any suggestions how to improve it, please let us know [​IMG]

    Google Play link:

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