Free android to android calling apps?

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  1. Myrmaster

    Myrmaster New Member

    I want to call for free internationally from USA to Canada. Both phones are android 2.3

    Google+ can do a hangout, but voice is only done by starting a hangout and disabling video, and sound is speakerphone only.

    Google Talk can't do voice only at all. In the contact settings, I notice that "voice call" is greyed out.

    Skype, I hear can do free skype to skype calls. I'll be testing that next.

    Can anyone else think of other ways we can talk over data and/or wifi, preferably using the handset mic and speaker?

    Any articles would also help. I'm not against researching myself. I've been on Google for awhile now...

  2. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    Myrmaster, I think your best solution is to use Google Talk (Version 2.3.4 and later) or Viber (Viber Media, Inc) which is probably Skype's biggest competitor for VoIP. Viber does not do video calls but it's strength is voice quality. It was originally an IOS app but is now on Android as of July 2011. I believe another advantage over Skype is a smaller data footprint and a more efficient app in terms of battery usage.

    Viber Official Page

    Viber | Free calls, free voip, free phone calls from iPhone and Android

    Google Play page

    Android Viber review

    I haven't used it at all though my girlfriend just got it on her phone and will be testing it shortly as her family has been using it and I'm not sure what the updates have been since it's inception on Android but from this review below, I would be hesitant to set it as the default app for call handling and would rather select it manually each time.

    Viber for Android: The good the bad and the ugly [REVIEW] - GSMArena Blog

    Viber: Free Calls & Messages Android App Review by | Android Tapp

    The Wait Is Over: Viber Releases Android App, Boasts 12 Million Active Users | TechCrunch

    Comparison with Skype

    Google Talk (Android Version 2.3.4 and later)

    "Version 2.3.4 introduced support for voice or video chat using Google Talk"
  3. Myrmaster

    Myrmaster New Member

    Thank you rbasusparky! This is exactly the type of response I was looking for! I will give it a try soon!

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