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    Perfect Tap Counter - a handy tool for those who are in work, sport or in entertainment is faced with the necessity of counting people, animals, goods, objects, events, etc.
    The application allows you to produce an accurate count, even distracted by other activities and store the results as long as desired (lite version, as opposed to full version, saves values of only first two counters).

    Main unique features:
    • A nice animated interface in English
    • Keeping up to 99 independent counters
    • The maximum value of each counter 99999
    • Total count - the total value of all counters
    • Ability to specify the name of any counter
    • Automatic saving of the results, the date and time of the beginning and the end of the counting
    • The table of results for all counters
    • Ability to resume work with any of the counters at any time
    • Ability to "reset" the values ??of all counters or any separate counter
    • Options on / off sound and vibration

    We have tried to anticipate all the needs that may arise in the counting. If you have any suggestions to expand the functionality of the application, please send them to our email address: joynowsoft@gmail.com. Thank you. :)

    Get lite version from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joynow.ptcounterlite

    Get full version from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joynow.ptcounter


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    Version 1.0.1 released!
    Please, use links above.
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    EcoDrive Free Speedometer 1.0.0 - accurate and convenient GPS speedometer.
    The app is designed to control the speed, economy, time, direction, etc.
    Real-time economy calculations is based on the speed, acceleration and braking, descents and ascents.
    Flexibly adjustable speedometer scale allows to use the app on different types of transport: car, motorbike or bicycle, yacht or boat, and in any sports where is important speed, acceleration, time, etc.
    All information about the speed, duration, acceleration and economy for different periods of time is saved and displayed in a convenient way.


    Key features:
    - Speedometer with flexible adjustable scale
    - Determination of relative economy of movement
    - Selection of units (U.S. and metric system of units)
    - Audible alarm on exceeding the set speed (three adjustable parameters)
    - Floating speedometer window on top of other apps
    - Background work
    - Instantaneous, average and maximum speed for different periods of time
    - mileage
    - Duration of move
    - Direction of movement (compass)
    - Instantaneous and average economy

    For Android 2.2+

    Get EcoDrive from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joynow.ecodrivefree

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