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[FREE][APP] Bluehood - win a Nexus 7 for Valentine's Day

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  1. alin_coman

    alin_coman Member

    CAI Mobile Solutions has just released Bluehood, a very cool application to get to know new people around you. In Bluehood people connects to each other, they make new friends, chat or even flirt. For example, if you see somebody interesting around you, in Bluehood you can see his/her friendship status: single, in a relationship or married. You can even see contact details like phone number, mail, instant messaging id or Facebook page if allowed. If not allowed, then you can start chatting and make your luck.

    Take social networking to a new level and unleash the power and functionality of Bluetooth in your device!

    To see how you can win a Google Nexus 7 tablet visit Bluehood facebook page: www.facebook.com/mobile.bluehood

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  2. mediafire

    mediafire New Member

  3. Although this looks promising, there is one major drawback you have to overcome. You must build up a huge user base first so that your app will work properly and I can actually see some people near me.
  4. alin_coman

    alin_coman Member

    Hello, this is the drawback of all new social apps. But Bluehood is a new and cool idea, you can boost the user base by sharing it :)
  5. alin_coman

    alin_coman Member

    In version 1.04 you can send smilies to people around you!

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