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    Update: now available for android 2.2 up to 4.0+

    Hi all,

    Justed wanted to let you know that I wrote an app called CopySearch that helps making search queries on the target site you want. Looks a lot like the Google search app, but with some cool features such as easily add sources. Below the google play description.

    Thank you for feedback.

    Available here




    Surfing on the web, find something on which you want to know more, or want its translation, or location ? Just copy the text, quick launch CopySearch through notification bar or hardware search button, and query Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google Translate, Google Map or what ever site you want.


    -quick access in notification bar
    -launch with long press on hardware search button
    -add search sources really easily
    -history of your copied texts and search queries
    -search by date


    As soon as you copy a text in an application, by long pressing on it, this text becomes available for search queries in CopySearch. You can see it in the notification bar.
    Select which sources you want from both the installed apps that are searchable and from your custom sources.
    Add custom sources easily. First give a name to the new source. CopySearch will find the URL of the corresponding site and its icon. That's it. You can edit the found URL if it is not the one you expect.
    You can choose to display directly the best match of your query in your custom sources or to display a list of results.


    Google, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google Map, Google Translate, IMDb, YouTube, Google Shopping, Google Books, Google News, Amazon.


    While creating a custom source, CopySearch finds the URL of the site by querying in background Google web search engine.
    CopySearch finds your target site and its icon using Google and the keyword "site:".
    The "Feeling Lucky" feature is the one of Google.
    CopySearch uses an internet connection only while editing custom search sources. The rest of the time, CopySearch only creates an URL corresponding to your query and your target, then launches your web browser with this URL. CopySearch does not make search itself.
    CopySearch only records a small history of your queries and copied texts (15 items). This is useful when the results of your firsts queries are not good enough and you want to refine the results. This history is stored only on your device and can be clean whenever you want.

    Differences between CopySearch Pro and CopySearch Light:

    In CopySearch Light you have adds and a limitation on the number of custom sources available for queries.

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    Just a little up because of the update.
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    -added: search by date

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