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[Free App] RPM Tachometer & Shift Light

  1. ciri

    ciri New Member

    RPM Tachometer & Shift Light is an application that uses microphone and Z-transform of sound & factoring to find actual RPM (engine speed) just by hearing sound of engine.


    It is part of my bigger project (after 12 years of working as performance chip tuning developer and chassis dynamometer manufacturer I decided to use all collected data do develop CIRI (Car Intelligent Recorder & Interpreter) that will help with engine diagnosis, knock sensing, malfunction detector.

    RPM Tachometer is just add-on to that project. This is first release, so sorry if it is not working perfectly for you - I still work to improve it and make more useful. Any comments and ideas are welcome.

    BR, Thomas

  2. Kenshin666

    Kenshin666 New Member

    Looks very nice and it is working with my 06' 2.0TDI Jetta. Nice gadget for girl to know when to gear-up. All the best Thomas and waiting for updates :)

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