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  1. khmco

    khmco New Member

    Free application to send links and browser tabs from Android phone to the Chrome browser. The new link is opened in Chrome as a new tab as soon as it's received. And user can continue working with it when he is back to computer.


    - chrome extension to open a shared links
    - share tabs links from browser and other apps
    - register an account to store shared links and access the later
    - view/re-share/delete links when you need
    - offline mode

    It's a first-step version, more features soon in the next version.

    Website: SyncTab: send links from phone to your browser

  2. khmco

    khmco New Member

    Hey, I've released SyncTab v0.7 last week.

    More functionality added with this new version:
    - added tags support, so it's possible to send links to some of your browsers or devices
    - receive links to open in Android. User can send links from browser or other device.
    - added settings screen, where user can select a current device tag and change a refresh period

    Fixes and improvements:
    - fixed issue with sharing a link when not logged in yet
    extended tips on main screen
    - improved about screen
    - fixed issue with cancel select tag dialog on send

    It's also will need to update Chrome extension to latest version, which currently is v1.1

    Read even more at https://plus.google.com/b/107142819623825449286/107142819623825449286/posts/6VVeMgeKHnS

    It will be possible to edit tags list in the next version from both Chrome extension and Android application. Also it's planned to add Firefox support in one of the next versions.
  3. khmco

    khmco New Member

    SyncTab Android application v0.8 was release on 1 Dec. In this version tags edit support was added, as well as localization for a few popular languages.

    List of changes:
    - possible to edit tags, so customize the list of your browsers and devices to send links to
    - added Spanish localization
    - added Korean localization
    - added Russian localization
    - added Ukrainian localization
    - added basic Netherlands localization
    - minor UI improvements

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