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  1. Mutt-Mutt

    Mutt-Mutt New Member

    I was trying to make my keyboard match my matrix background. The matrix keyboard app told me to download better keyboard, as it was just a skin. So I went and got better keyboard 8 for free. The skin didn't work so I uninstalled both apps. Only the keyboard stayed after uninstall. So I back up my contacts and restore my phone to factory settings. I had my original keyboard for a day and then guess what pops up! The better keyboard 8. It's no where to be found on my apps list. Why is it still here and how do I get rid of it??? This is really bothering me.

  2. Defytheworld

    Defytheworld Member

    When you long click an input box and go to Input method what does it say?
  3. Etwizzy

    Etwizzy Well-Known Member

    If you plan on getting a response to your question change the tag from general to support so some of the admins on this site will read your thread.;) TRUST ME!! they will respond:cool:

    Have a blessed day Hope I was some help to you today
  4. Caeadas

    Caeadas Well-Known Member

    I don't see a "better keyboard 8" in the google play store, according to reviews on amazon market, the developer abandoned it after it got rejected from google play for violating the TOS. I wouldn't use it.

    First, I would go to settings/language and keyboard settings, and see if its there, then go settings/applications/manage applications and look there. If its not in one of those two places, I'd wipe the dalvik cache, use a root explorer to check out the data/app and system/app folders, or Odin the phone just to be safe.

    At best, it could be some poorly designed keyboard app that doesn't work right. At worst it could be evil malware stealing your soul and credit cards:eek:

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