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  1. Jennieb56

    Jennieb56 Member

    I downloaded and installed the Handcent SMS app to change the color of my texts and background etc. It downloaded and installed ok, but I can'g get it to work. I kept getting asked to register an account. I figured it wasn't one of the apps supported by VM. So then I tried Go SMS Pro, downloaded installed and got one of their plugins for the Purple theme I wanted. Everything downloads ok, but I can't open it and change the colors. Any ideas on what's going on?:confused:

  2. riggerman0421

    riggerman0421 Well-Known Member

    If you are referring to a theme for go sms, then you need to open go sms to the start page(the one shows all threads). Then press the menu button, select theme, on the next page select installed, then select and apply your desired theme. Oh, make sure the theme is compatible with the app you are using.
  3. Jennieb56

    Jennieb56 Member

    I believe I did all that. I went through the Go SMS Pro site. I had to install that and open a Go Chat account. I was able to download and install it and a theme, but the theme doesn't stay now.
  4. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    most of the sms/mms apps ive tried just looking to theme my sms app and nothing more ended up being ad ridden bloatware. including go sms. especially anything from go. they spam their crap more than anything ive ever seen. if i were you i would try a few of the other lesser used sms apps. youll probably find one that doesnt require all that crap just to apply a theme. they may be basic and only offer simple coloring changes but thats better than a bloated app that slows everything to a crawl and still not really get what you needed. and for what its worth. it wont be long and youll have harmonia to install on your elite with the theme chooser theme engine. then youll get some killer themes that theme your entire phone all from one small theme. way better than stuff like go. it will take a little learning in the area of rooting your phone (really its only a two app install to get root..very quick and not a lot you need to know to do it.),then once a stable recovery is up on the boards here youll be able to install it..most likely through terminal emulator or via adb..which isnt to difficult to use..either of them...then downloading the harmonia rom and installing it from your new recovery. sounds like a lot but the whole process only takes 30 mins to an hour at most and then you dont need any of that other stuff. keep an eye on the forums here. when you feel comfortable to try the whole process,there are some knowledgeable people here who will take the time to help you through it all.
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  5. Jennieb56

    Jennieb56 Member

    Thanks Curtis. I think I'm going to take your advice and wait for harmonia. This is just way to much for a simple color change and I admit I'm very new to using a smartphone. You helped me out earlier with the direct dial question on the forum which I really appreciated. Thanks again.

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