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free data glitch?3g enabled from replacement phoneGeneral

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  1. dustball987

    dustball987 New Member

    Hey Guys,

    A few months back I got an rma for my old triumph for the gps problem virgin mobile sent me a new phone and to my surprise out of the bag it had 3g connectivity I was able to browse the web view Facebook and listen to Pandora I have no clue why or how this happened but I didn't ask questions and since i already switched to straight talk I had no real use for the triumph I just wanted to see if they sorted everything out (Pretty sure they didnt)

    If i go to the about secion in the phone my number is actually 000-0000-3700 i tried making calls out and that didn't work only 3g works

    any way does anyone know why or how this happend and would any one be interested in buying it since i have no real use for it any more I'd rather sell it to someone on one of the forums than Ebay or craigslist

    you can contact me if you want at dustball987@gmail.com

  2. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Email sent :)
  3. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    how it happens well some one gone and screwed up something down on VM also is possible that the replacement phone you got was a refurb and was sent in with a custom ROM on it lol and some how the PRL got all screw up or what not thats how it might happen i have seen/heard of mods and 'stuff' done to a inactivate smart phones to gain 3g/internet connection it is possible do got couple question is you may answer 1. how long has it been like that (estimate) 2. has it been at at least a month since your line got cut? 3. did you just let the month run out and just didnt pay ? 4.after your month is up you get 90 days or something to pay and your line stays 'open' has it been well over 90 days ? 5. so you got the phone but never activated right ? 6. try not to mess with any settings or change stuff could be a glitch
  4. dustball987

    dustball987 New Member

    1-I've had the phone about 6-7 months now and its been like this since I got it
    2-I stoped using Virgin Mobile a long while ag0
    3-I let the month run out and I stopped paying
    4-its been well over 90 days since i've payed but VM payed one month recently to try and get me back on their service
    5-I got the phone and never activated it I had the optimus slider at the time I just was hoping the gps was fixed on the triumph
    6-I've been working with someone on the forum trying to figure it out

    Root-still works
    any froyo rom-Works
    CM7,CM9-No Data
    on froyo my serial shows up but CM7,Cm9 it comes up as unknown
    as stated in my first post my number shows up as 000-000-3700 but that may be because its not activated

    as far as I know the phone is not linked to my account in any way i've also used it on numerous occasions for tethering and pandora but i'm not really sure how much data would throw a red flag up in the air
  5. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    thank for answering all the question so you been flashing ROM and still works but only on the froyo roms right ? does make sence since it comes stock on froyo that will only work with froyo base ROMS

    well far as i know the so called 'umlimited' data that is included on every single plan the limit is 5gb after you use 5gb its caps you off and your speeds gets reduce so im guessing it will flag you after the 5gbs of data but then again every month you get a new 5gb limit so idk if your data will get reset every month so you can use 5gb a month

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