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    Do you have an android phone? And do you listen to the Music on your phone? And are you tired of copying songs from your computer to your phone via USB cable? If the answer is yes, then MusicDropNPlay can simplify your life.

    If you have not used Dropbox, Dropbox is a free cloud service which allows you to bring all your photos, docs and music anywhere. You can upload your music to your Dropbox account from your computer and MusicDropNPlay can stream and playback it on your android device. No need to copy songs via the cable anymore. To learn more about Dropbox, please check Dropbox's official site: http://www.dropbox.com.

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    MusicDropNPlay allows you to stream mp3 songs directly from your Dropbox account in real-time. It has extra features normal players don't have:


  2. Hello all the Dropbox+Music fans,

    Stay tunned, we will have the new release with lots of cool features very soon.

    Music Drop 'n Play Customer Service
  3. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Then why don't you just let us know when you actually have an update to post? Nonsensical bumping of your own thread can be viewed in a bad light if a user starts abusing the 'bumping' on their own thread (which we will allow on occasion ):)

    Thanks for understanding

    Questions/Concerns?? PM me
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  4. Sure, looks like we put all the useful information in one shot at the beginning. And we do want to let users know there will be a second big improved versions. Just the users don't want to reply much on this thread, so we assume there are not many users see it and it gets buried very soon by other posts. And we will take the advice and post only useful stuffs from now on.

    Thanks again,
  5. Hello, have anyone tried this app yet? How many of you are using Dropbox and like to listen to the Music? How many of you are using other cloud services like Google or Amazon?

    Thanks for sharing the info
  6. Hi Dropobx Music Fans,

    Finally we have launched the new version update: 1.1.04 and here are the new features:

    + added support for tablets.
    + added East Asian Language support for Korean and Japanese.
    + added quick download feature to cache all the songs in the playlist in one shot.
    + added item to set the cache size in the Settings screen.
    + added the ability to exit the application.
    + removed unnecessary permissions.
    + fixed crashing bugs.


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