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    Burning Sky is an action game where you must resist to an alien insect robot's invasion trying to conquer the Earth.
    To do this, touch the screen to launch missiles and show them you are not kidding.

    The default game mode, Arcade, is a level based game with limited ammo supply and linear difficulty.
    Rush mode is time based with unlimited ammo in which enemies waves must be destroyed within the time limit.
    The game has been released for FREE!!


    - Cool Cartoon Style Graphics
    - Arcade Mode with a level based game and linear dificulty
    - About 10 Enemies Types
    - Centiped Boss
    - 3 Missiles Types
    - Bonus Itens to last longer
    - Many Missions to complete
    - Weather changes to make things harder
    - Easily share your results with your friends on Facebook
    - Tablets Suport

    For those who has liked Burning Sky and want to play even more, there is an upgrade button in main menu. By upgrading your game, you are helping us to keep making free or low priced games. We have prepared some extras features for the upgraded version:

    - No advertisement at all
    - Rush Mode, a time based game and harder than Arcade Mode
    - Game Play on Full Screen
    - An extra missile type: Seeker
    - A Score Multiplier Bonus Item
    - New Missions to complete
    - Random backgrounds (beta) and further contents

    Game updates will be made in both versions, such as fixes and new features, but the upgraded version will have exclusive content.

    What are you waiting for? Go ahead and have fun!!




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