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  1. bastinator

    bastinator New Member

    Look at my first android game on Google Play: Coco Breaker.

    Coco Breaker is a addictive and challenging breakout game in a wonderful caribbean setting.
    Use your bamboo paddle to bounce the coconut higher and higher to remove the blocks.

    Please tell me what you think of it.
    Thanks in advance.

    Since this is my first post here, i can't upload any images.
    You can look at it here:


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  2. bastinator

    bastinator New Member

  3. lcf80

    lcf80 New Member

    Playable, and pretty nice. Some comments:
    + good thing pad is not on the edge, so I can actually see it when controlling by touch,
    + nice idea with enchants (fire/ice stuff),
    + nice physics (realistic coconut rotation),
    - initial speed of coconut could be a bit higher (or contact with pad should accelerate more) - too often it takes multiple attempts until it can reach any block,
    - I couldn't exit the game by pressing BACK button (I got popup, answered YES, and got back into the game).
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  4. bastinator

    bastinator New Member

    Hello lcf80,

    thanks for your comments. I was thinking about making the coconut bounce a little faster anyway. It is quite difficult to find the right values for the physics and keep the levels balanced. I thought some of the levels are to hard, perhaps they get a little easier if the coconut is faster.

    I will try to fix the bug with the next update, i have to look into it.

  5. bastinator

    bastinator New Member


    yesterday i uploaded an update with many graphical changes and improvements in the game balance.


    Furthermore there are 8 new levels (in world 3). The new levels are set in an jungle setting with new back and foregrounds. As a new game element the teleporters is introduced.
    If you have more suggestions post them here, and i will try to implement them.


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