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[FREE][GAME] Frog Leaps 2.0 Platformer

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  1. megahard

    megahard Member


    Frog Leaps is platformer game and physics puzzle in one pack!

    Frog's life seems to you a simple and carefree? Dare to try on the frog's skin in platformer-game Frog Leaps. Three sets of varying difficulty levels to 36 in each. The game still seems simple to you? Try not just to reach the finish and collect all the coins and eat all the flies (three coins and three flies in each level). Coped with this? Try to do this as quickly as possible to get the bonus for travel time!

    Game inspired by a plastic frog toy - you press it, release and it jumps. In this game it just quite simple, press on frog, drag it down, arrow then show direction and strength of jump, release finger and frog will jump! Slide Your finger on screen space to panning.

    Be careful, game very addictive!


    Download it free from Google Play


  2. megahard

    megahard Member


    version 1.3:
    • fixed crash on early android versions
    • allow to install on sd card

    version 1.2:
    • improve support of multiple resolutions
  3. megahard

    megahard Member

    version 1.4:
    • pumped up levels for even more fun
    • add compass showing direction to finish
    • add button to find frog after panning
  4. megahard

    megahard Member

    • support hardware back button
    • bunch of minor fixes
  5. Shinji01

    Shinji01 Well-Known Member

    I enjoy playing this before going to bed.
    it is fun, but does not get you too excited so it helps me sleep.
  6. megahard

    megahard Member

    Updated to version 2.0

    • two new level packs
    • moving platforms and angry bees
    • usability fixes
    • better support different screen resolutions
    • HD graphics
    • smaller package size
  7. megahard

    megahard Member

    Shinji01, thanks for your review, hope You'll enjoy new version
  8. megahard

    megahard Member

    Updated to 2.2

    • Fixed bug on loading achievements (apologize for inconvenience)
  9. megahard

    megahard Member

    Numberix is simple but addictive arcade game for iOS and Android devices.

    Game rules is similar to 2048 and Tetris
  10. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

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