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  1. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    Crazy Race

    A Crazy 2D Racer Build bringing back some of the classical-retro feeling!
    Features 2 Game Modes and 4 cars!
    A lot lot more to come!!!


    Crazy Race @ Google Play

    Link on Google Play (Play Store).

    "Guess That" is a 3-in-1 Brain & Quiz Game set to challenge your knowledge.

    21 Level packs containing each 20 levels forming in total 420 levels are waiting to be guessed.

    "Challenge your Knowledge"
    *Guess That Flag. Can you find that flag? (140 Flags)
    *Guess That Logo. Can you find that logo? (140 Logos)
    *Guess That VIP. Can you find that VIP? (140 VIPs)

    *Use the clues when you get stuck in a level.

    (You win one clue for every two guessed level)

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    Our Google +

  2. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    What's New
    Changes in version 2.7
    *Fixed a bug that was caused by the new build tools
    *Fixed a logo
    *New Cordova engine 3.4
    *New Build System (Gradle)
    Coming Soon:
    Achievements (by Google Play Game Services)
    Leaderboards (by Google Play Game Services)
    Google+ Sign in
  3. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    We would like to hear some critics, and if possible get a screen shot from a nexus 7 or any other tablet! :D Thanks in advance.
  4. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    New application version is out. With more levels. Some design changes. If you played the game tell us what you wanna see in the upcoming updates.
  5. emburybrett

    emburybrett Well-Known Member

    why do you need phone calls?
    Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. An app with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to and the like.
  6. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    You are right, we do not need the phone calls. But we developed the application based on a framework that gives you access to all the permissions and we are kinda removing what we don't need with new releases. We don't get any sort of data out of this application even the data that saves the scores is saved locally from a html5 feature called localStorage.
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  7. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    New application version 1.4.0 is out featuring some new levels more features and a brand new "Light Skin" under the "Settings and Stats". And removed some not needed premissions.
  8. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    New Game version is out. Bug fixes

    Changes in version 1.4.1

    *Updated the App Framework
    *Level Fixes
    *Image Fixes
    *Bug Fixes
  9. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

  10. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

  11. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    The application is again updated bringing 60 more levels, engine fixes and new features. Stay with us for new stuff coming soon!
  12. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    Update is out with new App Icon Lots of bug fixes and new feature for showing approximate guesses!

    Enjoy and rate!
  13. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    New app version is out! Play and Learn!
  14. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    New app version with cool new features.
  15. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    Ver. 2.4 just came out!
  16. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    New app version will be released in a few hours. We are prepearing a 3.0 release but its going through beta. If you want to sign up respond in the forum.

    Only a Google + account will be requeired.
  17. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

  18. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    We just released the RC 1 of this app it will come out shortly on Google Play!

    We would like as many comments and critics on the app to make it better.

    You can even rate us if you want.
  19. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    Version 1.0 and update 1.0.1 Just Released

    New Feature
    -Scroll to Section/Article with animation.
    Bug Fixes
    -New side menu (Works Better).
    -The menu button and info button are more responsive.
    -A lot of code clean.
    -Bug fixes and old scripts removed.
    Ver 1.0.1
    -Some more bug fixes and code clean. Came shortly after ver 1.0.
  20. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    New update available on Play Store check it out!
  21. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member


    Hello folks we are developing a 2D racing game! Its only in public beta for the moment!

    All the reviews feedback and recommendations are welcomed!

    Download @ Google Play
  22. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    What's New
    *New Icon
    *Improved performance on older android devices
    *Improved graphics and tweaked the gameplay
  23. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator Moderator

    Hi alensage :)

    I've merged your announcements to comply with the forum's "one thread per developer" policy, which aims to reduce forum clutter while making it easier for our members to follow your releases. :thumbup:

    Please take a moment to review the posting guidelines and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. :)
  24. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    You will have to excuse me for that one! I missed the changes before i posted! Thanks for the merge!

    Well i took some time and updated the app today! If you got time take a look at that :). I will update the info now
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  25. alensaqe

    alensaqe Active Member

    The all new classic american muscle is here!
    *New Icon
    *Fixed a bug on car selection scene
    *Changed the Main menu screen
    *Added a "Garage" screen where you can choose the car
    *Changed the "Game Over" Layout to fit the design style
    Sorry guys we had to reset your high scores as they will be game mode dependent. Each game mode will have its own high score!

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