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  2. After your first ship gets tragically obliterated, the game gives you a three second burst of "Plasma Shield" to help you re-establish yourself. This shield can literally bat away the Kyranoid attack ships, giving you precious moments to pick up the next power cell and start building your ship back up to a state of awesome firepower!

    Beware though... once the Plasma Shield starts flashing fast you have just moments before it powers off.
  3. The new version uses continuous rolling calibration to deliver a smoother ride on phones that may have other things going on.
  4. The UberBoss has become more despicable than ever in version 1.09 released today! As well a head transplant (with fangs), he now sports an upgraded weapon and better smoke effects. Good luck fellow gamers! I have to take this guy on fairly regularly while trying out new features, and I have to say I think he's out to get me.

  5. With three free levels, new enemies and an alarming new boss, the new revamped and extended version of Kyranoid Attack will challenge and entertain you.

    At this moment, one person in the world has completed level 2, and nobody has completed level 3... could you be the first? I'm really not sure if it is possible!


  6. Hi, I have just released my first Wearable app, "Buzzy Hours". The app runs on your Android watch and buzzes the time at you on the hour and half hour. The time is encoded as patterns of buzzes, with several styles to choose from, so you can know what time it is without looking at your watch. You can get your watch to buzz the time using a version of Roman Numerals, Morse, binary or even Mayan numbers. Or just a single buzz on the hour if you want.

    The app is designed for people (like me) who miss the start of meetings, leave work too late to get the train, or turn up late for the party. Getting the watch to tell you what time it is, rather than checking it frequently will actually save your battery too.

    Full details are here:

    Interest to hear about your experiences using the app.
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