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[FREE][GAME] Monster Rivals

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  1. RainGame

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    Feb 6, 2013
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    Pixelmaji presents: Monster Rivals!

    Design your own monster and fight against your friends to become the best in the world!
    Destroy your enemies using tons of awesome and crazy weapons with super powerful moves!

    Monster Rivals is easy to pick up but offers endless ways to improve your monster and skills. With an absurd amount of unique and totally over the top weapons, you never know what to expect! Level up your monster and choose your own stats, gems, and trinkets! Explore the island and find hidden treasure by battling in different exotic areas! Collect and master each weapon by harnessing its star power for bonus effects!

    Monster Rivals is free to play and can connect to your friends on Facebook!

    Watch the trailer!


    Google Play link:

    We'd love to discuss the game! Post your thoughts and comments here or email us at contact@pixelmaji.com


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