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  1. ES Studios

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    We've just released a new game for android 2.2 and above (it's preferable that you have a large screen) . It's called Glyph: Align the Wheel and it centers around a circular puzzle consisting of multiple rotatable rings which when arranged correctly make up an image after which an entry containing interesting information is added to your Database. It is currently available on Google play: can't post link due to spam filter but if you do a quick search "Glyph: Align the Wheel" you'll get there

    It's still in its beta version, it has 8 levels for now so ANY feedback will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance :) and sorry I can't post a screenshot here but there is very detailed description and plenty of screenshots on the google play website

  2. ES Studios

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    Hi guys, we've recently released a new app which is supposed to help you either sleep, meditate or just relax in general. It supports android 2.1 and above
    and all phone and tablet resolutions.
    So basically the app contains 6 individual "stages" each with its unique mood and containing different sounds/songs (can be rain, fire, jazz, beach, river, birds etc etc) and pictures. All sound loops are 100% seamless (no interruption in audio) and so far the app has received good reviews.
    If you like this soft of app you should definitely check it out :)


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    Electric Jump is an excellent time-waster which allows you to compete with your friends.
    The gameplay is simple however it requires a lot of coordination in order to do very well.

    ※Tap on the positive charge buttons (green) to get points and jump ahead
    ※Avoid the bugs and short circuits.
    ※Watch out for the time

    ※ Awesome fast paced gameplay
    ※ Leaderboards and Achievements : Challenge your friends!
    ※ Social features
    ※ Great sound effects and music
    ※ Nice graphics
    ※ SwarmConnect

    Since I've just published this app I'd like to hear what you guys think . Let me know if I can improve something or something doesn't work as it should.

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