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[FREE GAME] Rhythm Sheep Free

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  1. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member


    I just published my second Android game called Rhythm Sheep Free. You can test and train your rhythmic skills and memory with this game. The idea is to guide the sheep to the greener fields by tapping the rhythm you hear as accurately as you can. The closer you hit a beat, the more points you score. A black sheep appears if you are too off the beat.

    There are 100 increasingly difficult levels. The first levels are easy, but at the end the difficulty and length of the rhythms will really push your musical skills to the limit, as well as memory.

    Here is the link to the game: https://market.android.com/details?id=turskagames.rhythmsheep.free

    Please try it out and any feedback is appreciated.

  2. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member

    Got the rhythm? Now you can test it with Rhythm Sheep Free and compete with friends.

    I just updated the game by adding OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements, organized levels into packages with themes and improved the user interface. Please try it out, I hope you like it!

    Here is the link to the game: https://market.android.com/details?id=turskagames.rhythmsheep.free
  3. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member

  4. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member

  5. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member

    Check out the newly published Rhythm Sheep Hall of Fame. If you think you can beat the current top scores, submit your results and let the world know how accurate you are!
  6. 7floorgame

    7floorgame Member

    The art seems so cute.
  7. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member

  8. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member

    There has been some requests for seeing the levels in musical notation. Therefore I decided to publish them here: Rhythm Sheep Levels

    This way you can use the musical notation to help solve the levels or decide not to use them if you want to test your aural rhythm skills and memorization.
  9. kerpo

    kerpo Active Member

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