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[FREE] [GAME] Sweet Hunters!!

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  1. Hi!!

    I create this APP and it's a fun game where you must combine different elements to create over 150 different sweets.
    You can check how many times you got each in an inventory, even the times you have failed in your potions.

    Includes a story that is based on the history of the game suitable for all ages.

    Very easy to use and addictive!

    This is the link to download:

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    I moved this thread to the Application Announcements section. :)
  3. Hello!!

    I've benn modified the game to make more easy than before edition to find early any sweet, since since we don't have logic to guide us.

    Now, we have 15 elements to mix in, we have 2 elements less, and helps are more directly to find the objectives.

    I encourage you to try it and see how some leaves!
  4. Hello!!

    I've been created this strategy game and you cand find it in the Google Play Market. :D

    His name is TOTEM'S ABILITY GAMES!!

    Set consists of two minigames with several levels. The main objective is to get points to unlock characters and play with their skills and tricks. You must to get a pass mark of points in each minigame to be unlocked different levels.


    You should to try it!!!


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