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[FREE][GAME] WordWays - A new Word+Puzzle experience!

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  1. cegames

    cegames Member

    Hi Android Forums/Phandroid!

    I just wanted to drop by to say hi, and announce the release of our first game WordWays! We really wanted to set out to create a new Word+Puzzle game experience and so, WordWays was born.

    Here is a little preview video of the game being played.
    WordWays Gameplay Preview - YouTube

    Wordways is a bit of a mixture between various word games. A word is shuffled and placed on the board, on top of Bonus Lines. As players create and submit words, Bonus Lines are cleared and Powerups are created! As players score, they level up and move further into the game, leading to bigger challenges and rewards!

    The game is free to play and available on Android phones and tablets RIGHT NOW. If you're looking for a new Word+Puzzle game experience, go check it out, I think you might like it.

    You can find the link to the game on Google Play right here:

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★
    ★ An original, Word+Puzzle game experience!
    ★ 14 game boards, each one providing an unique challenge!
    ★ Level up to access bigger words and gain better bonuses!
    ★ Level up to gain more time and moves to play.
    ★ Gain Powerups by clearing Bonus Lines that are blocked by letters.
    ★ Upgrade Powerups by clearing the Bonus Line that it is placed on.
    ★ Play smart to gain up to: +6, Quadruple Letter and Quadruple Word bonuses!
    ★ Two game modes to choose from: Classic and Countdown
    ★ Local Highscores & Openfeint Leaderboards!

    I got a bunch of updates planned in the future (new gameplay challenges, powerups, modes, and hopefully in the future, multiplayer)... so I hope you'll be hearing more from us soon.

    I'd also love to hear your feedback and comments or better yet, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know how we're doing, thanks!

    Below are some screenshots of the game as well.

  2. cegames

    cegames Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to announce that we recently submitted the game to many places, including appbrain (WordWays for Android | AppBrain.com) and many others!

    We've been getting some good, positive and actual feedback (no review purchases or anything) so we're hopeful you guys will enjoy it!

    We also just submitted the game to the Amazon store and are trying to get to Barnes And Nobles Nook! So if you got those devices, keep an eye out!

    Please let us know how we're doing and hopefully we'll be back here with updates and news of the game.


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