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  1. cuban11182

    cuban11182 Well-Known Member

    OK, so here is the deal. I have 4 Google Voice Invites that I would like to give to this forum. I only have 4, but if others who have some would like to contribute then that would be welcome.

    So here are the rules:

    1. Place one (1) post on this thread to put yourself in the running.
    2. Make sure you add your email to the post.
    3. People must have more than one post. (I will double check at your post
    count to make sure you aren't trying to take advantage of the offer by joining
    the forum).
    4. If you post more than once, you will be disqualified.

    I think that 100 posts, not including mine, and the other members who want to offer, should suffice. I cannot be accountable for the others and the validity of their invites. Thanks to Dex for his idea. Oh, and a thanks would be nice, if you like this.

  2. DevHead

    DevHead Well-Known Member

  3. Todd M

    Todd M Well-Known Member

    Count me in! Thanks for having this contest and I hope it goes well!
  4. PowellShake2

    PowellShake2 Member

    I'm in.
  5. elroy jetson

    elroy jetson Active Member

  6. malice

    malice Well-Known Member

  7. b00sted4fun

    b00sted4fun Well-Known Member

    thanks, I hope I win one :D
  8. jjfitz0

    jjfitz0 Well-Known Member

    Thank You
  9. rmd1066

    rmd1066 Member

    Please and thank you
  10. XDaydreamerX11

    XDaydreamerX11 Well-Known Member

    Please and thank you :)
  11. shinn

    shinn Member

  12. RXWatcher

    RXWatcher Member

    I will throw all three of mine to give away..Cuban, just PM me the three people and I'll send them out.
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  13. cuban11182

    cuban11182 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I'm sure everyone appreciates the better chances.
  14. Mrgadgetz

    Mrgadgetz Active Member

    I can give away 2 invites. I bought an invite off of ebay earlier after unsuccessfully begging for a code in another thread. Cuban just pm me the 2 people and I'll send the invites out. Good to see there are others here who are willing to give to the community.
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  15. socaldevil

    socaldevil Active Member

    Thanks for setting this up! :D
  16. Opivyattack

    Opivyattack Well-Known Member

    I don't have too many posts yet as I don't have any android phone yet and have no experience with them so I haven't had much to contribute. I am getting the Incredible on Thursday though! I have also been lurking here for well over a year. I would love an invite, thank you! My email is
  17. money6891

    money6891 Well-Known Member

    mass removal of email links
  18. Ric WRX

    Ric WRX Well-Known Member


  19. cuban11182

    cuban11182 Well-Known Member

    Thank you as well!!!
  20. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    Edit: Once you're in, do you get invites right from the start? If that's the case (and I get one of the invites), I have no one else I personally know to give out to so I'd be glad to throw any invites I would have back into this pool. Thanks!
  21. thomato

    thomato New Member

    awwww shit, did i miss out on the invites?
  22. Hockey152

    Hockey152 Well-Known Member

    Thats right you love the email :p

    Thank you for the Invite!
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