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  1. huntmarv

    huntmarv Active Member

    Can anyone direct me to a decent free music download application in the playstore? One that will not leave a ton of junk thumbnail files on my phone every time I use it. I did have a great one installed but after i did a factory reset the app was no longer available. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Can you be more precise about what you mean by "free music download app"? Forum rules forbid discussion of piracy in any form, so we can only discuss free downloads of material where the copyright holder has made it freely available, and even then only from sites which they have given permission to distribute it (which, if they allow free redistribution could include anywhere, but making material available for free does not automatically mean allowing redistribution).

    Just want to make clear what sorts of apps we can and cannot discuss (I've no particular expertise with these apps myself).
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  3. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ~Shoveling Snow~ Moderator

    ^^^Ninja'd by a smart man

    There is a high probability that it was no longer available because it was pirating music. Unfortunately you will most likely need to pay for a subscription service like Google Play Music Unlimited Super Duper Streaming or whatever it is called or you will be subject to apps that monetize themselves via slimy advertising methods that may be available in play or the far less noble option of intentionally pirating apps. I don't think you want to go there as you are looking for apps in Play.;)

    ***Mod Note for anyone thinking of helping out*** - Don't link, mention, or hint at ways of getting pirated music, that's not what the OP wants as well as violates the forum rules. Also, a puppy will die when you pirate stuff.:mad:
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  4. huntmarv

    huntmarv Active Member

    Ok. Fair answer but here is a fair question. Why are such apps allowed in the Play Store and why doesnt Google Play Store monitor applications which have intrusive viruses attached to them allowing the app developer to gain access to private information in my cell phone such as debit card number. This is why I never buy any apps. Its not a safe practice. Personally I am beginning to think its an inside job because the mobile web use to be very tight and secure.
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Firstly, I'm really not going to stand up for Google on the running of the Play Store. They are frequently sloppy about vetting apps in there, often only react when they receive complaints, and equally are quite arbitrary and high-handed in dealing with developers over application of the store rules. They occasionally tighten procedures, but have a way to go.

    That said, there have been relatively few cases of actual malware in the Play Store (a "virus" is self-propagating malware, capable of transmitting and installing itself, and there have been no cases of those for the Android platform). Spammy adware, and apps with excessive data access permissions (even if they don't misuse them), certainly. But as for apps stealing data, I don't see how that's an argument against buying apps: the app developer never gets your credit card details (and you can use pre-paid cards with a Google Play account so that Google don't get them either), and the worst cases of apps abusing permissions to steal data have all been free apps (which makes sense as they get the most downloads).

    As for "inside job", what, you mean Google actively using apps to steal personal data? They can't afford the risk (they have a lot to lose), and have plenty of means of collecting the sort of data which are useful to them. No, a somewhat slack attitude on their part plus growth of the mobile web making it more attractive to scammers, spammers and worse are quite sufficient without needing to resort to conspiracy.

    Having said all of that, one of my private rules is that I do not use my debit card online at all: credit card, yes, but not debit, and I don't keep any banking information in my phone (mainly a precaution against theft rather than malware, but works against that too).
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  6. huntmarv

    huntmarv Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I did a search on infected apps in Play Store and can not remember the site I got the info from but from what I read, some of the free apps were capable of collecting debit info. It's a scandalous www pc or mobile and not getting any better with security issues. Thanks again.

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