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  1. ams30gts

    ams30gts Well-Known Member

    Which app do you like best for navigation? I can't stand the voice for Google Maps lol.

  2. archercc

    archercc Well-Known Member

    Google Maps, the voice doesn't matter when you can use voice recognition, contact integration and traffic all in one.
  3. s_special

    s_special Well-Known Member

    can you change the voice for google nav?
  4. ams30gts

    ams30gts Well-Known Member

    from what i understand, not yet.
  5. Nucco

    Nucco Well-Known Member

    I've never used my Transformer for navigation, but on my phone I've always used Google Maps with Navigation. Has not steered me wrong yet (pun intended), except that time I had a ROM that for some reason inverted the compass orientation, that was rough.
  6. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    Google Nav is definitely the best turn by turn IMO when you have an internet connection. The question is what is the best when you're offline, or overseas..
  7. davidchsw

    davidchsw Well-Known Member

    Try Ivona for a different speech engine.
  8. edsager

    edsager New Member

    I am looking for a new navigation app. I simply have been misled (literally) by Google Maps on several occasions.

    In fact, my previous address was "corrected" every time someone tried to find my home office address. Clients ended up at some really nice guy's house and he let them know where I truly can be found.

    Other times, Google Maps has not been updated for new roads (new = within the last 12-30 months). I was kind of hoping Bing had a navigation app, but I have yet to find one.

    Any suggestions?
  9. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    There are plenty of navigation applications in the market/Google Play, some of which you'll have to pay for. Sometimes you have to pay for what you want. You really can't complain about free...
  10. edsager

    edsager New Member

    I am not sure I agree with not complaining about a free app, especially when it is touted as one of the best out there. If no one complains, how will the app developer know what to improve or what does not work?

    As far as paying, I am fine with that, but do you (or anyone else) have a suggestion as to an excellent navigation app (paid or free)?

  11. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Some apps are better than others for location ... and are you looking to keep maps on your device so you won't need an active data connection?

    You might give CoPilot a look-see.
  12. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    Good point. IMO Google maps & navigation can't be beat, but of course you need a data connection. For the times you can't tether or are overseas, I've found Sygic to be quite good. I bought their worldwide license when it was on sale, and it's not bad at all.
  13. zenrider

    zenrider Member

    try svox. they have a bunch of different voices you can test
  14. edsager

    edsager New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look-see.

    I am not concerned with active data connection...I just want the one that has--and keeps--the most updated information. I really do not like ending up somewhere far away from my real destination, or worse yet, others ending up at a destination other than me.

  15. skeeterca

    skeeterca Active Member

    So google maps uses data to update the maps as you drive along. Does that mean the screen stays on the whole time and the gps? Does that burn up the battery quickly? Any way around that problem?

  16. edsager

    edsager New Member

    Just to let people know what I decided on for the navigation apps, I installed MapQuest, Bing, GPS Essentials, and Waze.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  17. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    Except for speeding her up and slowing her down.
    I love this Navigation.
    Flawless, IMO.

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