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    SIM Card Manager is a very tiny (only 41 kB!) tool to display many useful info about your SIM card:

    - Phone type (GSM, CDMA etc.)
    - Phone number (if available)
    - IMEI of the device
    - SIM state (SIM absent, network locked, PIN required, PUK required, ready)
    - SIM country ISO code
    - SIM operator code
    - SIM operator name
    - Network type (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, HDPA etc.)
    - Network country ISO code
    - Network operator code
    - Network operator name
    - Voice mail text ID
    - Voice mail number

    The application also lists contacts stored on the SIM card and allows you to do several operations with the selected one (call, send SMS, share, copy to clipboard, copy to the phone etc.).

    To access more features, please use a long click on any listed item.


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    New feature: SIM Card Manager allows you to delete a selected contact from the SIM card directly. A few bugs have been fixed as well.
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    Another batch of bug fixed (thanks for the feedback!).

    The application now lists phone and Google contacts as well.

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