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free space disappears from SD cardSupport

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  1. Bazbo

    Bazbo Member

    Still using the Intercept on VM with stock Froyo, never rooted . Just can't afford to upgrade this piece of...technology.

    A problem I've had for some time is space disappears from the SD card without any downoads or pictures. For example, after mounting the card in my computer (running Ubuntu 10.04) I deleted some videos and had 29 MB free. When I put it back in the phone, it indicated th free space, but after streaming some podcasts from Stitcher, it went down to zero. Somthing similar happens with Podkicker: if I download and delete podcasts, there is less room than before the download. Is it saving data somewhere I can't get to? Is there a "trash" folder to empty?

    Also, can you suggest where I can get the best price on micro SDHC cards?



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