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  1. shai32

    shai32 New Member

    A new Stock app called MyStocks and it's free.

    URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=finance.myStocksLite

    Design to give you a full comprehensive data on your stock.

    * Real time Stock price and charts. (Including PreMarket and AfterMarket trades)
    * Show 10 year summary of main key statics parameters, Among them EPS, BVPS, ROIC. A company that delivers good results year by year is likely to give good performance in the future as well.
    * Data are represented in a simple bar graph (with yearly percentage gain), Click on the Info icon to get full explanation for each parameter.
    * Give you an estimated price Target from leading Analyst companies. So you can know where to invest your money.
    * View company news or stock news.
    * View company Profile including short descriptions.
    * Allow you to manage your own Portfolio: Add, remove and view stock easily.


  2. shai32

    shai32 New Member

    Any thoughts?

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