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Free Streaming Mp3 Player for My HTC Magic.

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  1. ihightower

    ihightower New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Hi.. my request is simple..

    I want an mp3 player for my android... that is free.. so that when I click on a... http://blahblah.com/lecture1.mp3

    it opens up the player and plays the lecture...

    But, the player should be able to off the display, since I don't see the screen while driving.

    The stock mp3 player works... but the display is ALWAYS ON.. with just the black screen...

    Is there any player out there... that is free... that can stream the audio and also able to off the display.

    For Android 1.6... HTC Sense UI..

    Please help.


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