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  1. admob

    admob Well-Known Member

    Without going into boring reasons I'm getting a free upgrade for my 4 week old one x to a new x+, is this forum anything to go on regards the popularity of the device. There seems to he next to no owners yet, or is it just too recent?.

  2. Airs

    Airs Member

    Ive just got this phone myself through a contract upgrade. As far as im aware it only got released in the UK less than 2 weeks ago so its still fairly new for us. Ive also heard that some versions of the phone released in other countries were downgraded and only got a dual core snap dragon cpu or/and less than 64gb which i guess would be unappealing. Personally i love it so far after owning samsung galaxys for the last 2 years its a nice change pace.

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