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  1. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    Would there be any way to set this up to only call/answer using VOIP for certain numbers(or landlines) and use regular phone for the rest?

    I'm on sprint, any calls are free except to landlines.

  2. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    There is a manual set up for it. Basically, set up a trunk as a SIP trunk, and change the "sip://" to "GMAIL://" I think. Some google-fu will get you the article I came across.

    Do you have Google Voice installed? It's needed for the initial setup with and Google Voice tie-together.

    Are you trying it on Wifi or over 3G? 3G is dicey at best.

    Nah, it'll still work (At least it does for me). Is your ring pattern set up correctly in PBXes? It's kind of tricky to get it set up, but for basic you have to have at least one extension, and add that extension to your ring group.

    But, according to this, you MUST have Google Voice (The official one from Google) installed: Issue 753 - sipdroid - No menu option appears for google voice/pbxes setup after a clean install - Project Hosting on Google Code
  3. RanT476

    RanT476 Member

    im guessing ur talking about the calls, i use both but i mostly use 3g and it does the same thing for both it rings once and then 2 or 3 seconds it will go to voice mail and i call with someone else's phone and tested it a bit it does the same on both. and what about bluetooth? anything on that?
  4. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    Hm... I've had that on 3G, but not Wifi, unless my wifi signal is really weak.

    In google voice, is you timeout set to the max (60 seconds I think is max)?
  5. RanT476

    RanT476 Member

    na i dont think so, where is it voice settings? then where
  6. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    Actually, it's in Under your ring groups, in your ring group <1> there is "Max ring time". Make sure that is set to 60.

    Also, in your inbound routing, make sure it's set to "Force Regular Hours".
  7. RanT476

    RanT476 Member

    ight ganna do that now
  8. RanT476

    RanT476 Member

    its asking me to "Please enter an extension list." what goes there 200? and what about bluetooth?
  9. RanT476

    RanT476 Member

    PSkeptic yo what do i put in that place where its says "Please enter an extension list."??
  10. RanT476

    RanT476 Member

    Does anyone kno how to fix the ring timer on this Google Voice(Gchat) + Sipdroid Setup? anyone Lex it would be great if u acually help me i been sending u messages for like 2 weeks now or anyone if anyone has any idea on how to fix it thx.
  11. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I don't have your answers.
  12. RanT476

    RanT476 Member

    so where did u get this guide from? ill ask the person who made it, thx for the answer man
  13. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    I gave credit and linked to it in my original post.
  14. paulhusker

    paulhusker Active Member

    I have a Droid Incredible thru Verizon and Google do I forward my incoming calls to my Google Voice #?


    I have made an outgoing call over WiFi using Siproid and Google Voice. It's pretty good quality.

    I'm going out of the country next month and will be staying somewhere where there's free wifi. Has anybody successfully made a phone call using Siproid, Google Voice from out of the country back to the states? Are there any extra steps since you're calling from out of country? I'm guessing not. Really looking forward to having this available to make calls back home.
  15. derek2079

    derek2079 Member

    Can someone please explain this in non geek terminology. Wtf are the two boxes on sip droid for? I have gizmo5 and google voice. Samsung intercept virgin mobile. I heard it plays through the back speaker on the intercept. Can anyone confirm this?
  16. riffdex

    riffdex Well-Known Member

    From what I have gathered, it is possible to forward your cell number to GV (which will in turn forward to all phones - including your cell), but it is not advised. The ring would be very long and it would be like 9 rings before you even hear it or something along those lines. There are other problems I have read about, such as problems where SMS or text messages never make it through the forwarding process. (Might want to read through this as well before you try it: ) You might take this opportunity to just start gradually shifting everyone you know over to your GV number so everyone starts calling it instead, and you can make sure GV always forwards to your cell/etc other numbers in the future (this is the route I am working on taking). Also, there IS a way to port your current cell number over to become your new GV number. If you do that, you will be able to set up GV to forward to all your phones and everyone can call your regular number. Of course, I have heard that if you port your number from an active verizon acct it can cancel your contract and leave you with an early termination fee (if that applies).

    About the WiFi calling: As long as you are using a VOIP connection going over WiFi it will be as if you are still in the states (but don't have cell service). You can test this out by going on your phone and setting it to "Airplane Mode". After that, go turn on WiFi connection and make a call. You will see that Airplane mode stays enabled even if you just turn on WiFi. This way you have completely turned off your cell service and you can ensure that you are making a call via WiFi connection instead of 3G or over your cell service. When you have your cell service turned off, you can do the test as if you are in a different country without cell service. All you will need is a WiFi connection. Don't worry about GPS, the phone will not check your GPS to ensure you are in the states. To put this short, there are not any extra steps when you are out of the country (as far as I know), and it should work fine. I will say that I have never made a WiFi call out of the states but I have read many posts about VOIP on Android and I have come to this conclusion.
  17. egX

    egX Member

    Google voice is currently unavailable to Canada.

    Although, if I connect through a proxy and register my google voice account anyway. Do you think I could use it with my phone? Or it will detect that I'm not in the US and won't allow me to use it?
  18. riffdex

    riffdex Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if it works but try this:
    How to: Google Voice Outside the US |
    Otherwise I have heard of people buying GV accts on ebay.
  19. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    Whichever extension you will be configuring as your primary (200 would be assumed here).

    You set the max ringtime to 60 secs, and calls still do not go through? If so, set up two SIP phones on; and try calling between them to make sure you are configured correctly there.

    I guess it's either "Works 100%" or "Fails 100%" with the automated setup :confused:

    Also, has a forum, where the owner and several staff are on there consistently :)

    I think the only way to forward your cell number to your GV number is to contact VZW, and set up the forwarding. In fact, I am about 99% sure this is the ONLY way to do it.

    The best way is to just hand out your GV number instead of your actual cell number (Or home, etc). This way, you can let GV do what it does best: Make people able to hunt you down, with a single phone number.

    What two boxes?

    Gizmo5 has a already-built interface to Google Voice...
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  20. derek2079

    derek2079 Member

    The 2 boxes in sipdroid. I cannot figure this ou. Ive read all the guiedes but they all say different things.
  21. gabba-hey

    gabba-hey Member

    HTC Evo...

    Okay, so I got it this to work (Google Voice number and SIPDROID), didn't really encounter any hassles, except for having to go to the Google Voice site settings to forward my Google Voice number to the address assigned to Google Chat. Works like a champ for incoming and outgoing calls.

    One big question: will this work outside the continental US? Has anyone actually done this?

    I am going to Germany next month, and have a Sprint phone (HTC EVO on CDMA), I need to know whether or not I need to add funds to my Google Voice... At the Google Voice site settings, it says funds are not necessary in the US or Canada, but is needed for international calls.

    I'd rather not have to buy a prepaid disposable phone when I get there, if I'm going to have to jump thru hoops to make this whole thing work, I want to make sure it works as advertised... Not meaning to sound like a jerk or anything, as I really do appreciate all the feedback everyone's left so far.
  22. derek2079

    derek2079 Member

    What do you have to set in google chat? I am having a problem because i made a pbxes account with sipdroid then deleted sip droid now its asking me for my account cresidentails again to create a new account and it just says account already created. If there is someone who got this working and wants to help me through IM I would appreciate it. Just PM me your IM.
  23. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    You'll have to go through the "Lost Password" procedure at to get your login information.

    Your user name and password will be for the following:

    Sipdroid --> Menu -->Settings --> SIP Account (First one):
    Authorization Username: {your user name}
    Password: {your password}
    Domain: {Don't change}
    Username or Caller ID: {your extension name, usually username + ext number, ie PSKeptic-200)
    Place a tick in "Use 3G" and "Use EDGE" (WARNING: This will cause phone call time to be applied to your data usage, NOT minutes)

    You should be all set.
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  24. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    Nothing in Google Chat. In Google Voice, you have to set Google Chat as a forwarding "number".
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  25. derek2079

    derek2079 Member

    I didnt lose my password it's just not giving me a place to log in only create an account because I had sipdroid deleted it then reinstalled it. How do I get into the menu for sipdroid? All I show are two lines that say Phone number and called party address.

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