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[FreeApp] SuperBlue Bluetooth Chat

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  1. alexdimo

    alexdimo Member

    Hi guys,

    this is my first (and hopefully not last :p) android app.

    It's basically a chat messenger application that uses bluetooth connectivity. It has some nice features that you can't find on other similar apps. The most important is the rich text that is used when chatting. You can make the text message as bold, underlined, italics, you can insert emoticons, web links etc. Emoticons use the usual tags used in many Messenger computer apps like Windows Live Messenger.

    Let me list some of the features (probably forgetting to list them all):
    -- Emoticons
    -- Rich text (bold, underline, italics, links)
    -- Sound clicks
    -- Vibration
    -- Http links
    -- Offline Registration and Login, no internet connection needed
    -- Turn on/off the appearance of emoticons, vibrations and sounds
    -- Reset your username and password


    The app is available for devices with android 2.1 and later.

    I am constantly making changes, and I already have some ideas about additional features (one of them will have a big impact and give the app a lot of potential) in the future.

    The support of the app is not very good at the moment (no instructions/help page, no website), but I'm working on it and will improve it very soon.

    Here's the link to the market: download SuperBlue

    Currently I have embedded some ads, but the whole concept looks like *shit* to me, so there's a good chance I will get rid of them in the future.

    I'd appreciate it if you downloaded SuperBlue and it would make my day if you find it amusing/useful and send a comment.

    For any comments or questions/remarks please don't hesitate to contact me or to post in this thread.


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  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Nice looking app, you may want to fix your market link though :)
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  3. alexdimo

    alexdimo Member

    Link fixed! Thanks for noticing. :)
  4. alexdimo

    alexdimo Member

  5. alexdimo

    alexdimo Member

    New version 1.4 with NO ADS. Now the app is nice & clean. :D

    Also a "Suggest this App" button was added in the Menu, in order for the user to suggest SuperBlue via email to his friends.
  6. muzzyAndroid

    muzzyAndroid New Member

    Hello Mate iam doing University Project of Bluetooth chat for Android. Looking for Help. I have to submit this project soon to my Uni. I appreciate if you help me doing it.

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