Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Problems

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  1. chasmccl

    chasmccl New Member

    RMK & To Whom Else it May Concern

    This is a copy of a trouble ticket I sent to the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard People (This device worked on my HTC Incredible with Virtuous ROM 3.1, but no longer works with VR 3.2)


    As I indicated in a previous trouble ticket my Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard did not seem to function when I had SwiftKey installed. I removed SwiftKey and now Have Swype installed. While both of these apps allow me to pair with the Freedom Pro, I cannot get the Freedom Pro connected with either installed. When I've removed all these apps, except the generic touch input app which comes with Android 2.2 (Froyo), the touch input won't accept the input to pair with the Freedom Pro.

    My phone is rooted with the following specs.

    hboot 0.92
    radio ......28
    ROM - Virtuous ROM 3.2
    SDCard - 16 Med SANdisk

    It appears that the problem resides in the blocking of Freedom Pro connectivity (even when paired), due to the non-standard input apps. The other problem is why I can't use the generic touch input for pairing. The Freedom Pro Keyboard was working when I was using Virtuous ROM 3.1. I know that your first suggestion would be to go back to Virtuous ROM 3.1, but the performance in the new version is much better in all other respects than the previous version, as it's not only faster but includes all the latest versions of the standard Android apps, such as Wireless Tether, gmail, etc. I'll send this message to the Virtuous ROM people, as well, but if you have any suggestions, I'd like to get my Freedom Pro working again with these updated ROMs.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance, and if you'd like me to beta any of your work, I'd be happy to do it.

    Happy New Year!

    Charlie McClain, PhD, JD


    I love all the new features of VR 3.2, except for this issue. If anyone has suggestions, I'll be grateful!

    Happy New Year (again)!

    Charlie McClain, PhD, JD

  2. JTL2

    JTL2 Member

    I just recently purchased the Freedom Pro Keyboard for my HTC Evo. I have not rooted my phone, so I may not be of help.

    I am running the latest Firmware on the Evo, so I have SWYPE. I can easily switch between the Touch Keyboard, SWYPE, and Freedom Pro, by pressing and holding the text field box, a pop-up appears showing: "Input Method" and then allows me to switch between the three.

    As I said, since your phone is rooted, the whole thing could be different so forgive me for interjecting. But this is how it works on my Android 2.2 non-rooted phone.

  3. chasmccl

    chasmccl New Member

    Below is my first response from the Freedom Pro Keyboard Tech Support People:


    Thank you very much for your e-mail. We have had issues with the HTC Incredible, as HTC failed to update their Bluetooth stack and it is running an older version. Can I ask did is your carrier Verizon by any chance, as we have found out that Verizon have disabled the HID Bluetooth support, which may be why you are having issues connecting. In addition, we have found this in some cases with Sprint.


    I'd like to know if either of these issues could be rectified by the Virtous ROM development team.

    Charlie McClain, PhD, JD

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