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Freedompop.com; 500MB/month mobile data free, and no contract!!!

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  1. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    FreedomPop Wants To Give You 500MB Of Free LTE (Great!) Via A Rumored, Ugly, Tablet-Clip Hotspot (What?)

    to see if you have coverage and then sign up

    no contract...mobile data service / hotspot
    500mb data free each month
    current special bonus 1gb free data.. not sure if it is each month or one-time

    runs on Sprint network. i think it is 3G speeds
    maybe LTE but throttled.. unless you pay $3.99/month.

    $99/deposit for a hotspot device.. but it is refundable deposit!
    overage: $.02 per MB

    what do you guys think? I am so tempted to do it. :D


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