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Freeing up memory - unrooted

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  1. Onslowdk

    Onslowdk Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 6, 2010
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    I know I can clear cache in various programs to free up the phones internal memory, but are there other ways of freeing up memory?

    Are there language files, or maybe images, readme files etc. that can be deleted from the phone, when it's not rooted?

    Also: what happens when you hit "clear data" in e.g. gMail and Browser?



    *LOL* Just cleared 32Mb of internal memory!

    In SpriteBackup I had accidentally chosen backup to DEVICE instead of SD card! I have spent 2 days searching for the backup file in the internal folders - but couldn't find it.

    Then I found out that I could just long press on the backup file inside SpriteBackup. Then I got the option to delete the file. ;)


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