Freelander i10 Basic Review

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    Freelander is Manufacturer famous for its GPS devices and Android tablets, and it recently published its first smartphone "i10", which is outfitted with some very advanced features such as a dual core 1G processor as well as 1G RAM, a 4.3 inch QHD TFT display, a toughened glass touchscreen, and an 8MP rear camera. I recently had the device for evaluation, and I can't wait to share with you what I have found in this mobile phone.

    1. Design

    Freelander i10 has a very low-profile yet unique design, without following the path of many other Chinese manufacturers who are copycatting those best sellers on the market.

    Although only $199 in price, it is far from being a cheap-feeling device. It's got a really solid toughened glass 2 front, a well-packaged interior and a robust battery cover.


    The size of the phone is 127.5x65x9.8mm, not the thinnest or the lightest, but very easy to hold by hand. It has a 4.3 inch QHD TFT display to its front, four touch buttons below that display. Around the sides of the device are two volume buttons, a power button, and a 3.5mm earphone jack.

    Once the battery cover is removed, we could see that this phone has two SIM card slots, and can support the two simultaneously. It also has a TF card slot, and can extend the storage to 32GB, a very useful feature since the phone itself has only 4GB storage and a pitiful 512M ROM.

    2. Screen
    As is said earlier, the phone has a 4.3 QHD TFT display and a multi-touch screen. Not using a more advanced display such as AMOLED or SLCD is a shame, but the TFT screen has the advantages of lower costs, better display density than most AMOLED screens.


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