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  1. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Anyone have their Glide freeze on them yet? My wife and I got ours about 3 weeks ago, and mine has frozen about 3-4 times, hers only once (that I know of).

    First time mine did it, I grabbed it in the morning after charging all night, pressed the unlock button, the screen flashed for less than 0.5 sec, then went dark. Pressing or holding unlock, sliding the keyboard, pressing keys... all did nothing. The phone was dark. Pulled the battery, fired right back up.

    Couple times since then, I've pulled it out of my pocket, press to unlock it... phone is dark. Nothing short of a battery pull will wake it up. Not cool.

    Thinking about taking it to an AT&T store to see what they say, but my fear is that unless it's frozen, I won't be able to replicate it. And of course, I've already given the phone a good drop, so one corner has a tiny scrape on it. I'm sure they'll point to that and say "you dropped it, warranty done." Phone did at least 2 of these freezes before the drop, so clearly that's not it.

    Anyone else have experience dealing with an AT&T store about warranty exchanges for a somewhat mysterious issue like this?


  2. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    I have had mine since Nov 22 and haven't experienced that (yet). I came from an iPhone 4 and had that glitch up on me a few times. I think it is just the nature of electronics but if it is happening to you a lot I would have it checked out.
  3. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Yeah, I'll have to keep an eye on it. No freezes since I wrote the first post. I'm tempted to jump into rooting it now that there's a method out there, but if I think I'm gonna swap it for warranty, I'll obviously hold off.
  4. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    I am afraid to root. After jailbreaking my iPhone and having to unjailbreak it....too much stress. I hope your phone continues to behave, no one likes glitchy electronic toys! :)
  5. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    So far the only root items I'm missing are wifi tether (rare usage) and adblock. I found a decent screenshot app that works without root, that was my most commonly used root app on my Droid.

    As for bloatware, I don't really notice any lag due to it, but it would be nice to lose it. Overall, still quite happy with this phone (typing on it now), but they definitely went cheap in a few areas. Ah well.
  6. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    I tether so that is why I had to unjailbreak my iPhone. Did you we can take screen shots on the Glide? Hit the power button and the home key at the same time. No app needed.
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  7. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Wow, thanks. I almost paid $4 for an app.

    Wife's phone froze this morning, went dark. She had been using it just 5 minutes prior, was fine then. And I guess her mom tried calling and txting her last night, neither came through. I'll have to talk to att about all this when I call about my bill. Activation fees for 4 lines were supposed to be waived. All 4 are on my first bill. Not cool.
  8. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    So now I'm also missing calls. Wife's mom called me last night, I had no missed call at all. She said it rang a few times, then went to VM. Then later in the night, my wife couldn't find her phone. I tried calling it, heard no ring in the house, we figured maybe she left it at her mom's house. Eventually found it, in our house, with zero missed calls. I then tried to call it again with my phone, while holding her phone, nothing happened. Well, on my phone it rang the normal amount of times, then went to VM. Her phone showed nothing. Not cool.

    I sent a txt to the AT&T rep who set up our account, she said she would call me back when she had a chance. I never got a call. For all I know, she might have tried, and I didn't get the call. Ironic.
  9. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    AT&T rep called me back this morning (after I sent her another txt, saying I might have missed her call), told me if we're missing calls and our handsets are freezing, come into the store to swap them for new ones. Awesome, nothing like finally getting a phone set up, then starting over.

    At least I use "LauncherPro", and you can backup the desktop. That's the most annoying thing to do, get all your screens set back up how you like them.
  10. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    What a pain!! I am not always sure it is good to blame the phones, ATT service isn't the greatest. I can be sitting in the breakroom at work and go from 3G to EDGE and I haven't moved!! Pretty irritating and the net is so slow I have all but given up tethering my iPad, unless Paddy and Android just don't get along! :)

    I found the screen capture tip somewhere on the net while trying to figure out how to do things with the Glide I used to with the iPhone. Glad I saved ya $4!!
  11. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Yeah, I was never too impressed with Verizon either, but at least I didn't miss any calls or txts. Hopefully a phone swap helps somewhat, I'm probably taking ours in later this week for new ones.
  12. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Well-Known Member

    I've had the phone since Nov 22. I'm rooted.

    - No freezeups at this time.
    - Missed call - One time my mom was trying to call me several times during the day, and it wouldn't go through. Just like Euro1990 expereinced. If Samsung has secret code to block our mother's or mother's in law from calling us, I call it a feature! lol
  13. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Ha. My freeze-ups seemed to decline, but the wife recently had a couple of random reboots. We swapped our phones at the AT&T store over the weekend, so far no issues. Hopefully the swap helps, as setting them up again wasn't too fun. Maybe with a few weeks/months of trouble-free use, I'll get brave enough to root it. Are there any write-ups on how to un-root and set it back to factory original if I ever had to send it in for warranty work?
  14. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

  15. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Yeah, I saw that a while ago. Good to see there's an easy method. Just hoping it's completely reversible should I need to have my phone fixed/replaced under warranty.

    New phone still working great, zero hang-ups. Our original two handsets froze within 2 days of purchase.
  16. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Just went through with it on my Glide. Really easy to do. Instructions aren't very detailed, I was a little hesitant at first, but just went through with it. Basically you use the "Odim" program on your PC to flash a new kernel and ROM to your phone via USB cable. Takes about 6 minutes total, basically you're just rebooting your phone twice. Once it's done, you can't even tell you did anything, except now you have root access. Good stuff.

    #1 root item for me, "AdFree" app. So nice to have those pesky banner ads gone. Ability to add a reboot widget to one of my home screens is nice to have again too. So far I can't find the "Wireless Tether" app I had on my OG Droid, but not a big deal. I'm sure I will find another one soon. Don't really use it often enough to care.
  17. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    What about the Carrier IQ kernal stuff? You make it sound like jailbreaking the iPhone. I downloaded Greenpoison and let her rip. Just pushed the right buttons at the right time and it worked.
  18. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    I just followed the instructions. First I loaded the kernal ( then I loaded the ROM. Was very quick and I've had no issues with the phone. I feel good that the ROM is just a rooted version of the stock AT&T ROM. Should have no strange problems with my hardware. Zero freeze-ups or any other problems with my phone since I rooted it with this method.

    I assume this "Greenpoison" app is something to jailbreak an iPhone? I have zero Apple experience, and hope to keep it that way.
  19. taghag

    taghag Well-Known Member

    Yes, you download the program and let it run. Only thing that holds me back at this point is I already upgraded to 2.3.6 and I don't see anywhere that this root is ok with 2.3.6.
  20. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Huh, I forgot to check what my version was before applying the root hack. I doubt 2.3.6 was any significant upgrade from 2.3.5, and no question a slightly older rooted version is better than a newer non-root.

    1 week after applying the root, no issues whatsoever. I grabbed the wife's phone last night, and was surprised to see a banner ad in her IP cam viewer app (we use an IP cam to monitor our toddler). They do still make it through to Astro from time to time though. Samba fileshare is an awesome addition, so nice to transfer items via wifi to my phone (usually TV shows I watch) completely from my desktop PC, without ever touching my phone.
  21. miji2

    miji2 Member

    OK, seen same problem here with the Rogers Glide purchased second hand when it was on ver 2.3.5. Phone stabilized once on ICS.
  22. abriones95

    abriones95 New Member

    this same exact thing happened to me.

    I was on an app, the screen just starts to go crazy and then it goes black.
    Took the battery in and out and it started up again, but the backlight was red and it got stuck on the samsung screen.

    now it won't turn on or take a charge.

    mine has like one tiny nick from the one time i dropped the phone but its hardly even noticeable.
    I'm also afraid to turn it into the AT&T store
    what did you end up doing?

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