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  1. josuep14

    josuep14 Member

    Have any of the samsung galaxy sII experienced that your phone freezes then you have to take the battery off and reboot?

    Im running the agat recovery with Rwilco12's custom kernel

  2. rcarter10

    rcarter10 Well-Known Member

    On stock, never freezes. I do get reboots, but I think it's from Wi-Fi
  3. craig71200

    craig71200 Well-Known Member

    I installed Agat kernel v 6.8 and Ext tweaks app... In Ext tweak app i raised min frequency to 300 and haven't had any problems since. I found the Kuban kernal to be very unstable. I as for Wifi i changed the setting to 2.4 ghz only in system setting and Blade wifi from playstore and its alot more stable with no disconnects. I love the stock Rom and tweaked it using Evo and Triumph hacks. It rocks.....
  4. steeljack99

    steeljack99 Well-Known Member

    ive had no issues with Kuban, agats gave me hell
  5. craig71200

    craig71200 Well-Known Member

    When i pulled the phone away from my ear the screen wouldn't light up, alot of freezing coming out of sleep state for me using Kuban. Battery seems alot better too with this..

  6. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Every now and the. Less often now that I went back to stock kernel and recovery. Also Agats causes app2sd issues.

    By the way, a helpful tip:
    To keep from having to pull the battery out... if your phone doesn't turn back on from sleep when you hit the power button, just hold the power button down for a few moments until blue led flashes. This forces a reboot not requiring battery pull. Works for me :)
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  7. craig71200

    craig71200 Well-Known Member

  8. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

  9. craig71200

    craig71200 Well-Known Member

    Im curious about that also not sure....
  10. codmerc

    codmerc Well-Known Member

    Been running cyanogen 10 and it is very stable.
  11. josuep14

    josuep14 Member

    What is a stable rom to put on the SGII?
  12. dueltothedeath

    dueltothedeath Well-Known Member

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