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  1. mumbl3r

    mumbl3r Member

    I'm brand new, so be easy on me.
    I have a Samsung I897 "Captivate"
    running on Firmware: 2.2, Kernel:, Build: FROYO

    I've been having problems leaving the sync function on, the phone freezes up, runs hot, and doesn't ever seem to sync.

    I can retrieve emails through the gmail app by "refreshing," but I'd like to receive them as they're sent.

    I took the phone to an AT&T store to troubleshoot it before I was sure it was the sync function. The rep there barely looked at the phone and just suggested I replace it while it's under warranty, but it's not my style to just replace hardware when the software is the problem.

    I haven't had the time to investigate exactly which function on the sync is causing the problem, but I have cleared the app data for gmail and that did nothing.

    Any suggestions?:confused:

    Edit: I haven't been getting any error messages either.

  2. mumbl3r

    mumbl3r Member

    Does anybody have suggestions or similar problems? This impedes the functionality of my phone.
  3. mumbl3r

    mumbl3r Member

    I reset to factory settings today, which sucked, but it did the trick. If you have a suggestion for this problem, please reply for anyone else who encounters it.
  4. mumbl3r

    mumbl3r Member

    It happened again last night when I saw that one of my calendars from one of my gmail accounts was not synchronizing after some updates I made to it from a desktop. I opened my calendar app -> settings -> calendars and found that said calendar was not even listed. I cleared the calendar storage app data, synchronized each of my accounts, and the symptoms flooded back like a bad nightmare. I was able to treat the symptoms by turning off calendar sync, but I'd like to treat the cause.
    To ask more specifically, how do it swap all events created in unshown calendar to a shown one?
    OR how do I get calendar sync to work properly again?
    I'm afraid I have to do another hard reset, because my gmail isn't synchronizing either.
  5. mumbl3r

    mumbl3r Member

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