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  1. allen45

    allen45 Member

    My room mate is on my verizion plan and he upgraded to a stratospher since he liked mine but since day 1 his phone would freeze or reboot on him. He turns on his wifi and keeps it on while he is home. I have no problem with mine. Can someone help me on this? He really dont want to do a hard reboot he has too much data on his phone.:confused:

  2. rpmTECH

    rpmTECH Member

    Has it been rooted and has a new ROM been flashed?
  3. allen45

    allen45 Member

    No it is the same as from the store.
  4. rpmTECH

    rpmTECH Member

    Sorry for all of the questions, but what apps has he installed since he obtained the phone from Verizon?
  5. allen45

    allen45 Member

    ICE,SPB Shell,Hunington,Call Control, AVG,Instant heart rate,Juice defender, MB Notification For Facebook,My Chart,OnTrack,Share Apps,Tune in Radio,bump, Some games and EBooks. I have most these programs on my stratispher and it dont act up.
  6. rpmTECH

    rpmTECH Member

    Unfortunately I only have 3 solutions, one being to hard reset the device (I know you didn't want to do that). Another solution would be to root it and flash a ROM on it (like Tweakstock). If you don't want to do either one of those my only other suggestion is to bring it back to the Verizon store and explain what's going on and see what they can do for you. Hope this helps.
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  7. allen45

    allen45 Member

    Thanks for your time
  8. rpmTECH

    rpmTECH Member

  9. albanyalan

    albanyalan New Member

    I'm having a similar issue. The phone has been working fine until now. When the phone boots up, it loads everything, then when I try to use the phone it freezes, then restarts. It does this over and over. Here is the status and specs of my phone.

    Samsung Stratosphere. CWM installed and Rooted with Tweakstock 1.4. I have ROM Toolbox to adjust overclocking and undervolting. The last thing that I did was a backup using CWM, rebooted, upped my cpu speed to 1700 and changed governor to "on demand." Ever since that point it has been freezing for a few seconds then rebooting. I cannot reboot into CWM (volume+ and - and power buttons) or run ODIN because the phone won't stay on long enough for me to turn on USB debugging, or load anything through ODIN in the first place. Please help!! I'm sort of a n00b but I think I can figure this out with some guidance from you smart peoples :)

    EDIT: was able to boot into recovery and run my backup. Phone works fine now. I would still like to know what had happened so I don't make the same mistake twice. I'm assuming the cpu speed at 1700 was unstable and caused it to freeze and boot loop. Thanks in advance guys (or girls)
  10. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    the problem was the CPU speed, you overclocked it WAY beyond what it can handle with any level of stability

    1300 MHZ is the highest speed that i have gotten good results from, everything higher causes bootloops (pretty much what you described)
  11. albanyalan

    albanyalan New Member

    Awesome thanks for the tip!
  12. techienerd

    techienerd New Member

    This makes me think that I am on the wrong path with my puzzle...if I could get some input from you guys I would appreciate it. I have a rooted stratosphere that reboots when I put more than a few apps on my sd card. I have used many sizes and types of cards so it is NOT the card. After seeing this tip I played around with the CPU speed a little bit but no effect.
    If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let me know.
  13. mandabratcher

    mandabratcher New Member

    my stratosphere has been rooted and i have gotten a new battery thinking that was the prob i have unrooted the phone and still the same problem it restarts lockeds up win im on a call it happens all the time i had to replace the phone the screen was brocken and i thought that was the prob and the old one was not rooted this new one dose the same thing it has been rooted thinking it would help but didnt i need help i am to the point of throwing it lol

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