Freezing touch Screen on Samsung Apollo G-i5800Support

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  1. PHD685

    PHD685 New Member

    Had my phone for 2 weeks and was absolutely delighted with it. Suddenly it has become frozen with the touch screen refusing to work, I have taken the cards out to no avail. I also note that it now seems to be 'media scanning' which I never noticed before. I have not dropped or got it wet.

  2. yoram

    yoram Active Member

    It is always media scanning when you change something on your SD card or when the phone boots up.

    Your screen might be broken... bring it to the shop to have it repaired
  3. balaajinr

    balaajinr New Member

    I too have the same problem.. Did u get the solution for tat.. I have samsung galaxy I5801.

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