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Fring on I5801Support

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  1. citikarthik

    citikarthik New Member

    I tried installing Fring on my phone and when making a call the phone goes into mute mode. Does any one face this problem. IF a solution is there please pass on so that other users like me will be able to use fring on their phone.

  2. ffcloud2000

    ffcloud2000 Member

    Err i haven't had that issue on mine atm :(
  3. dumbs

    dumbs New Member

    Fring is not supported on galaxy 3. Got an email from Fring team. They also promised to reimburse the credit I bought.
  4. shrieekk

    shrieekk New Member

    Dear dumbs,

    I also lost money in fring. Can you please send me fring support team email id?

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