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Frodo c64

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  1. Anyone get this to work on their Droid? For some reason the " is not coming up properly for me once Frodo is loaded so I can not load games. Is there a good tutorial somewhere?

  2. Anyone...?
  3. Mad_Sunday

    Mad_Sunday Well-Known Member

    Load Frodo then press the MENU key. Select load disk and open the folder with your rom files. Instructions for frodo are few and far between. I found a video (in german) and had to watch what the guy did.

  4. Rudolf

    Rudolf New Member

    You can load the disk directory using LOAD "$",8 Then type LIST to look at it. You will want to load a file with the PRG extension on the right by LOAD "GAME NAME",8 Then type LIST to view or RUN to run.

    The left SHIFT key allows " to be input. The auto load system does not work because it types LOAD " *",8,1 to load the first PRG file instead of LOAD "*",8,1 You can also try this to load the game.
  5. zomboula

    zomboula New Member

    :mad: it does not work ! fake i can't load/save anything :mad:

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