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  1. holysnikey

    holysnikey Well-Known Member

    Everyone calm down don't let what's known as LONORPS get to you! Pronounced Low-NORPS it is Lack Of News On Rumored Phones Syndrome and can prove to be quite deadly. Symptoms include paranoia, aggressiveness, irritability and in the last stages hallucinations and delirium. Be careful out there folks.

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  2. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Let's not attack each other please. And let's not bring issues from other sites to AF. Ignore whatever you want but let's please keep it civil

    Attack issues, not each other
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  3. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    Check this out.. LOL!!!
  4. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Not good... at least they posted the redacted version though...
  5. gapi

    gapi VIP Member VIP Member

    Well, you know they must be cruising these boards yes?
  6. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Well, juicy tidbits of information get around fast. I'm just worried about mannequins and/or his source getting in trouble, that's all...
  7. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    Don't worry, Chief. The only one that can get them in trouble is either Mannequins himself, or me, since I have that person's name and number in my phone still.

    And I wouldn't tell.

    (creepiest grin I could find)
  8. gapi

    gapi VIP Member VIP Member

    I believe he did say in his OP he was not long before ending his stint there.
  9. Mannequins

    Mannequins Well-Known Member

  10. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    yep...if it gets posted once, it doesn't take long before its all over the internet.
  11. ZuneNinja!

    ZuneNinja! Well-Known Member

  12. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I think he's afraid that the Verizon rep will see it and know that her/his email was leaked. He or she will know right away that Mannequins betrayed him or her, and he/she shall never trust Mannequins with another leak again.

    He/she might even contact Mannequins' supervisor and get him in trouble, even though he was going to leave the job anyway. Still, it may turn out to be a humiliating exit.

    Our info well, however small, will dry up as soon as he/she sees said document.

    And with the misspellings and format, he/she will know that it was his/her email. And might be embarrassed about the misspelling of "Stratosphere", but that's neither here/there.
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  13. gapi

    gapi VIP Member VIP Member

  14. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    The double edge sword of leaks. Starts out pics or it didn't happen, ends up with hoping the source doesn't see it. The positive thing is that we are in a serious minority as those who scrape the nether-regions of the interweb for bits of Primage.
  15. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    That's true. This is where we are in the nether-regions.

    The source will never find us!
    Gross mod edit: lol
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  16. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    We are safer than safe then lol.
  17. Mannequins

    Mannequins Well-Known Member

    This sums it up quite well. By late last night it was ALL OVER the internet. phonearena, thedroidguy, droid-life, droid matters, talkandroid, vzbuzz... etc
    I havent got a phone call yet so maybe im lucky and no one saw it.
  18. ndall

    ndall Member

    This is obviously speculation to some extent, but mostly common sense.

    The Nexus Prime will be the main version of the phone released globally and possibly on non-Verizon US carriers. (Or it may just be available for purchase without a contract). It will be GSM (the radio standard used by most carriers) and a "pure Google" device. This means Samsung and carriers will not be allowed to customize the software. It will receive future Android OS updates before other phones (including the Droid Prime, probably), and as a likely Android reference device may be supported for longer.

    The Droid Prime is the version of the phone that will be released in the USA on Verizon (Droid is a Verizon-only brand). It will be CDMA (the unusual radio standard used by Verizon), possibly LTE and may or may not come with Verizon and/or Samsung customisations to the OS.

    In any case, it seems likely from rumours that there will be two versions of the phone, so it makes sense to have two forums.
  19. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    Thanks NightAngel, I didn't know how to hide/show. Now I dooooooooo!!!!! :D
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  20. BlueBiker

    BlueBiker Well-Known Member

    Yeah, thanks so much for that image. Now where's the brain bleach?
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  21. chanop

    chanop Well-Known Member

  22. cereal killer

    cereal killer Well-Known Member

    Here's the article

    Last night a questionable document surfaced out of Best Buy that was said to be an end of 2011 timeline for Verizon’s upcoming devices. The document looked super sketchy since it had a variety of misspelled words, leading many of you to question it (as did we). Well, we just received another document from a Best Buy employee that includes similar information, but in a much clearer and correctly spelled manner. So it’s pretty obvious to us that regional Verizon reps were given a specific set of details that they were to forward on to retail stores, this one just differs slightly.
    No Thunderbolt 2 (aka HTC Vigor). Doesn’t mean that the device isn’t coming by any means, but it for whatever reason did not make this rep’s list of important changes. We still have the Stratosphere as replacing the Fascinate. The Samsung Prime (actually spelled out this time) is taking over for the DROID Charge. And that’s about it.
  23. BlueBiker

    BlueBiker Well-Known Member

    Well... this document looks about as amateurish as the other one. Not real good w/horizontal layout, eh?

    I have a question: Why would Best Buy be circulating documents like this to their employees? Surely everybody knows by now the pervasiveness of leaks. And why would low-level BB employees have any need to know what future phones will be released? How would this help them do their job now, to know about unreleased phones that they're not supposed to talk to anybody about? I just don't see this happening.
  24. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    It's not BB circulating it, it's VZ reps sending them to certain contacts in BB. As far as my sister says, Prime coming in November and Vigor replacing Tbolt is pretty common knowledge.

    There's no reason why other VZ reps wouldn't know this and run their mouths.
  25. cereal killer

    cereal killer Well-Known Member

    I agree....all the docs look amateur and there is no reason for them to be circulating.

    This is total nonsense in my honest opinion.

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